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This page is not updated anymore. Please feel free to browse the website for great content, photos and hidden gems...., but please be aware that the information is not always up to date.

Some guys have all the luck!

Here are some galleries with pictures received from fans around the world. Rare and unique photos from that special day they met their idol or at least managed snap some photos..

Pages :

© Special thanks to Sev & Terri
Sev & daughter Terri met George and Euan! The Euan pictures can be found on Noelle's fab Euan site !
© Special thanks to Craig
This pic was taken in Sydney ,Australia in March of 1995.This was the 1st time Craig met George,the experience was life altering.

© Special thanks to Faye
Faye met George who took time to sign her Taboo CD. Faye wants to thank George for the great evening!

© Special thanks to Michael Lendon
George and Michael in club Drama, London. 2003

© Michelle
Michelle and George 25th November 2002

© Lana Fleming
Lana with George, summer 2002

© Melanie
Mel and George

© Billy
This is a picture of Tracey and Euan Morton (who plays George in the musical Taboo) in Manchester 2002.

© Andrew Madden
The first picture is from DURING a Taboo show in 2002. George asked one of the actors on stage during the running show to take a pic of them together..... And who said being obstinate doesn't pay off? ;) Andrew also sent in some old pics of a very small Boy.....
© Patrick Knight
At Chanel gig

© Manuella Seewitz
Taboo promotion in Germany 2002

© Kelly
George and Kelly (not the same as below Kelly) at The Venue.

© Kelly Watts
George in Purple In The Park 2002

© Aron UK

© Alan
George in Banja Luka 2001


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