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This page will change often - files will be removed to leave space for newer ones. Today may be the only chance to listen to them!

Q & A Session at Home House

Home House Book Club invited the authors Boy George and Paul Gorman on March 21st for an intimate book reading for a small group of people. Paul Gorman read a chapter from the book and the guests and George had an questions and answers session.

First video: When You die - what would You like Your legacy to be?


Live PA at Virgin Megastore

These clips would not be here without the help of Jaime and Jesus! Special thanks to Jaime for a job well done!

*I've temporary turned off the service to view the videos in broadband quality. I don't have bandwith for it. I'm working on it. Anyone interested to view all future videos in broadband quality? Do You want it up again? Let me know!

» Julian Live at Virgin Megastore (Broadband)*
» Julian Live at Virgin Megastore (Modem users)
» Cookie Jar Live at Virgin Megastore (Broadband)*
» Cookie Jar Live at Virgin Megastore (Modem users)

We had a competition here a while ago. Here is clips when George is giving You the answer!

» George tells You the answer (Broadband)*
» George tells You the answer (Modem users)

» Full clip to prove answer (Broadband)*
» Full clip to prove answer (Modem users)

 Boy George is part of the One World Project!

Watch the full video now
Special thanks to Paul Farrell for the clip! Thank You!

» Support the victims! Buy the single now!

The charity single is called "Grief Never Grows Old" and is written by former DJ Mike Read and features Sir Cliff Richard, Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb, Boy George and Brian Wilson.

It is hoped the single will raise more than £2 million for the Disaster Emergency Committee

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