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Melbourne Roks
by chaz Dabat kkoshi, March 2000

What was it about Melbourne that made me feel like I was home, was it the warm sun,or was it the busy type city traffic moving like in the fast lane,or was it the mixed architecture of old and new standing side by side existing as one. No, it was the sweet smell of kebab running thick through the atmosphere, it was the Greek music blaring out of each souvlaki bar, ah yes just like home.

I suppose personally including John Themis coz he was born there, the fact that Melbourne has the largest greek population outside Greece and I’m Greek, had something to do with it.i am actually Greek cypriot,but we are almost identical in ways,language,food and Love.

Well back to Culture Club, what a stonking gig we had at the Metro club, I think if I had to be honest I would say my favourite gig through out the tour, close up an intimate. Apart from quite a few technical hitches that should of thrown us right off like my piano keys sticking down after I had played them, and stuff like that all round.
But as far as I was concerned, Melbourne roks man. The club was not unlike the limelight club in New York, the fact that the fans were sitting all around and above us made it feel close up an intimate. If I remember rightly you guys in Melbourne were applauding and shouting for at least 10 minutes before you gave in. It truly was an amazing gig.

So three reasons why I loved Melbourne, goodgig,greek stuff everywhere and they got a road called Batman Avenue, and some of you may know or not know I am a bat freak, hence the name on the Culture Club album, Chaz Dabat Kkoshi. I even went to the world famous fabulous botanical gardens in Melbourne and saw real fox bats hanging overhead. Well guy its over n out, got some crime fighting to do.

Produced by Jessica