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Perth and the fairies.
By Chaz Dabat Kkoshi, February 2000

Ok here we are in the land of oz, as we wait for baggage I think to myself with all those thousands of people travelling its always a wonder how our luggage just travels along the conveyer belt and its just there, sometimes though it isn't, and all of a sudden its not a wonder but a pain in the neck. Ah sun and sea I say to myself as I walk out, its hot but at least were not on the equator like Singapore. The thing is I was told that the ozone layer above oz is wearing thin so I don't spend to much time on the tan, yet.

On this occasion though all was present and correct. Even George's hatbox was there, hats and all. We are really down under, in Perth, you know as we travel in the bus on the way to the hotel, I decide that Perth is a quiet city, peaceful folk, easy going quaint little town.

BUT QUIANT IT AINT, you guys rock man, as Roy would say (and did say). The gig here is another success. We also had the pleasure of the bog, no not a loo but an Irish pub, thank you Culture Club fans for pointing that one out to us, its now in the memory banks for places to go after show, Perth.

We had two days here and we did the fish thing, we did the beach thing,and hey we went to a great part of town called freemantle, which had great little shops and restaurants, and even had the fairy shop, thats right I said fairy shop, the only one I have seen in the world on our travels. George met us for lunch and sat down next to me with these sweet little shoes. Chaz, you just have to go to the fairy shop. Wasn’t sure what he meant at first, no no really he said, a fairy shop, go and get something for your little girl now.

Picture this, Roy, Mikey, John Themis and I walk round this off the road shopping area. Ok we do the cloths shop and the surf shop, then we spot a shop that Boy George already told me about. At first a sweet fragrance hit us, then windchimes hit the other sense, then the vision kicked in, yes a fairy shop, 4 grown men in designer shades and shorts could not resist the temptation to have a gander round this shop.
Once in we were greeted by two lovely ladies in(wait for it) fairy outfits equipped with the compulsory wings and all, not to mention they had a wand each.

The shop was an alladins cave of fairy memorabilia, from wands to stars to candles, even out fits, for all shapes and sizes. Fairies rule ok was a sign above my head not a slogan I was familiar with fairies saying, lovely pastel colours and ornaments,dolls you name it anything fairy goes.

We laughed as Roy said we don't believe in fairies, but the girls faces kept smiling with that knowing all sweet Mary poppins type smile and beckoning us in, I thought to my self, do these girls want to sell us something, or do they recognise the CC boys and want an autograph and complimentary tickets.

Little did I know how wrong I was,they moved us to the middle of the shop,and stood us there, and one fairy said I want you to make a wish here in the shop and I will grant it to you if you really believe. As you can imagine we all started laughing and saying things like you cant be serious, is that the time, but this girl, sorry fairy,was looking us all straight in the eyes, she meant business and like now.

Only now do I think back on how funny or cute this site must have been. All of a sudden amongst other shoppers, 4 grown men were standing with their eyes shut and their hands palms up spread before them, and in front of them a fairy dressed in pink with wings telling us to make a wish while she sprinkled from an old ceramic starry pot, angel dust. We all stood there and took it, opened our eyes and laughed as we looked at each other. We said goodbye to the fairies and blew them a kiss as we still laughed at the site of us. and walking out we brushed off the fairy dust on the ground as many others have done before us by the looks of the sparkling pavement, but if I have to be honest, even if it was for just a split second, I felt like a kid who had been granted a wish by a fairy, and in that split second believed it with all my heart, and I know although the others didn't confess it to me, they joined me in those thoughts. But we will keep it as our little secret, and the fairy from the fairy shop in Perth.

Produced by Jessica