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Day One
by Chaz Dabat Kkoshi , February 2000

My god give me a knife so I can cut the dense atmosphere that is causing my lungs to work overtime, I said to my self as I came out the Singapore terminal. Please guide me to some aircon, was my first sentence to my comrades as others stood outside the terminal to light a cigarette and others rushed for their luggage.

Hooray, another tour has begun, another itinerary, another load of luggage, another adventure, another hotel and oh yes, another opportunity to unpack and pack in the same day, and most important a chance to meet more of you dedicated fans.

Wow as soon as we got on the coach some lovely reps including wee lee introduce themselves in the manor of a Disney type rep smiling and being over nice to everyone.
They were great and I thank them now again for their hospitality.

What a lovely clean city Singapore is, being a Singapore virgin I did not know what to expect. The hotel is beautiful, the people are lovely, and to top it all the gig was great.
I specially liked the warm up act, two funny guys one running around in the audience, the other on stage, the guy on stage calls out, any girl with red underwear bring it here and you can sit in the front row. Wow Singapore is coolomoundo.

For our first gig it was a stonker, thank you Singapore I wish we could stay longer. Well off to the hotel salsa bar for a dance.

We have a great meal planned for us tonight. I sit opposite George and his face drops to the ground when a gala of meat dishes is set before us. Urggghhh George says. John Themis and I are jumping with joy as this feast is set before us. Ian the tour manager says - can you bring some bread and cheese for George. Ha ha sorry G,

Can't believe my eyes later when in the hotel is a salsa club in Singapore? They have a live 3 piece band and its not long before e richie gets on the drums Kevan on the bass , and Linda grabs the mic and we get a larger than life full mix version of I will survive……

Off to bed at 3am and up for 6am for the land of Oz.

Produced by Jessica