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The Tokyo file.
By Chaz Dabat Kkoshi, March 2000

it doesn’t feel like I'm travelling at 200 mph, feels more like a car doing 30 mph, and a smooth limo type drive at that. Yes you’ve guessed it I’m on the bullit train from Japan Tokyo to Osaka and wow what an experience, George is sitting behind me reading with Zee and Mikey is catching up on some whodunits, and I have my laptop sipping coffee and writing to you guys.

Well our 5 days in Tokyo are over, but we are still in Japan, and we have had a wonderful time here. The fans and the audiences here have been (as Jon Moss put it) charming. They listen attentively to all the songs and sing and applaud in all the right places, and there is always a bunch of screaming fans at the stage door, just to make you feel that this adventure is worth it.

Nice thing when we are on Tour I can always count on Jon Moss to take a walk with me whereever we are. We like a walk so much that we do it back home for a while in Hampstead where john lives, just to wind down the walking thing.
Tokyo was something else though, Jon and I went to the Elecktrik City as they call it, didn’t see the new playstation but saw the queues for it. We also went to the gardens of the imperial palace opposite our hotel, there is great history on those grounds, apart from the Japanese history there is the fact that on those grounds the Beatles did the first outdoor concert there in 1968, and sometime in the 80s I was reminded by Jon Moss Culture Club did 7 days there back to back, wow wish I was there, don’t you?

Got to tell you about one of the Tokyo gigs, If you’re a fan and have been to the show you know about victims. So the lights go down Roy sits at the piano and the rest of us walk off stage, 9,000 people are silent, as they know what is coming. Roy and George begin Victims, John ,Zee ,Kevan & Linda walk on now and the backing vocals start to join in. Mikey and I walk on with Richie, I then start to add strings to the arrangement. Big pause now as the famous Moss drum roll will begin. George turns to the drums and bows his head before the kit, the light spots hit the drums like a light from god above, BUT OH MY GOD, where is Jon, you can hear a pin drop, George looks up a me and mouths where the F**k is Jon? My shoulders go up as the whispers begin in the dark vast audience. George being the quick witt that he is turns to the crowd and says "these boys, there never hear when you need them" he gets a laugh the we hear running foot steps getting closer, its John and he runs to the kit, sits down gets comfy and in the microphone says "sorry, had to go toilet" then plays his drum roll as if nothing happened. Hahahahahahahahahah we died, what a moment, and we got it on video too.

Anyway, all is well in the band, starting to get that sad feeling as were coming to the end of the tour, but it will be nice to be home too. Hopefully we will be in a theatre near you soon, write in and demand it, oh yes if any of you come across some batman memorabilia let me know so I can buy it.

Peace n out,

See Ya

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