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Reports from the Culture Club 2000 tour.
Chaz Dabat Kkoshi, Culture Club's and Boy George's keyboard player, sent us some reports he wrote for the American official Culture Club site.

He was supposed to write a few "as it happens" reports from the tour they did in Asia & Oceania to keep the fans up to speed. They only put one of the reports up on the site before it closed.

The reports are old, from 2000, but why keep this interesting reading unpublished? Special thanks to Chaz for giving The Devil In Sister George Homepage the possibility to publish these - until now - unpublished reports!

  1. The Singapore report.
  2. The Perth report.
  3. The Brisbourne report.
  4. The Melbourne report.
  5. The Tokyo report

More about Chaz.
Chaz and Mikey Craig have formed 2 companies, one is a record production company and they have signed two acts. The other is a film DVD company that has just filmed "the best disco in town live" at wembley arena. and they are releasing that in february 2004.

The concert reviews.
This page is also supposed be host an archive with tour reviews from both Boy George and Culture Club show during the years. The archive has still not been recovered since the server crash we had. Working on it!

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